So, we’ve been working away on various different projects at Senshudo over the years. Our first thought was to provide a way for streamers to get more exposure. We embedded our communities relevant streams into news articles we wrote and that was nice and all, some folks saw some boost from that.

Then we were one of the first to start giving folks truly useful analytics to interpret where they’re doing well and where they’re not. The idea was to make up for where Twitch fell short and give you guys some tools to really see the difference. All of this we’ve been cramming into our spare time for no real reward beyond a few game keys here and there on the journalism side.

Which brings us onto the project we’ve been working on for the past 6 months or so. When Twitch removed hashtag searching from the Creative category on Twitch, we popped together to aid in rediscovery of incredibly talented people making incredibly cool stuff. It’s actually how we found our good friend ChefJohnReed who even dropped by and cooked us katsu curry once. Wonderful lad, give him a follow!

While that project was cool and helped some folks, we knew we could do better. We knew that one of the most common questions that we get asked (and probably many of you too) is “Do you know someone that can make….?” Emotes, layouts, logos, video editing, music, gifs, intros, outros, you name it. We get asked that on a daily basis.

So, we’d like to introduce our new baby, Senshudo Square.

We see what you guys need, a central place to find and be found. Somewhere you can have what you do on display, searchable and not fragmented across a million locations. Somewhere that your payments are secure and both sides of an agreement can rest easy knowing their exchange can go through hitch free.

We’re currently planning a phased launch of the platform with improvements and upgrades made along the way. To start us off, we’re aiming for something simple. A place to list up your storefronts in one location, list your services, make yourself contactable and be searchable. Instead of hoping you get a mention on a Twitter thread, you’ll be locateable in one spot. But that’s just the beginning of the process.

The plan from here is to build this out to the point you’ll be able to sell your goods directly through Senshudo Square. We’re finalising our plans for a dispute resolution method that is fair and balanced between the customer and the creator. Along with this, we will be adding a facility to have funds held with us until work has been confirmed as delivered and accepted by both parties. We’ve seen people affected by the lack of understanding in this area and are working hard to perfect our plans to alleviate this.

For our part, we’ll be working hard to keep the updates and evolution of the platform as swift as possible, but we’ll also be taking time to check in with the people that use it. Additionally, we’ll be doing our best to highlight the great stuff you’re creating, as well as taking a look at what you’re up to and sharing the best over our socials. We’ll also be driving our streaming community, our games news site, people we meet, people you meet and hopefully the people they meet towards the site to give you guys as much visibility as possible.

We have a Discord you are welcome to join, you can grab us on Twitter @SenshudoSquare or Sam personally on @squallmuzza you can mail us on [email protected] or smoke signals are equally accepted. If you have any feedback, questions, concerns, anything at all, please do reach out. Odds are, it’ll be Sam that reaches back out to you. For more technical issues it’ll be Stew (@Sweptsquash) and AJ will be working through the US hours to talk to you folks (@rsfreebird).

The Square is open for business, we just need you to bring your goods for sale.